Sunday, June 26, 2011

Do Whatever You Want

Have you ever noticed when God keeps sending you the same message through many different avenues?Pastor started our children's sermon today by asking the kids how they would like it if they could do whatever they wanted and not get in trouble for it. He then posed the same questions to the adults. Think about that one....

Before going to church this morning I joined my online book club over at bloom for chapters 8&9 of Kelly Minter's, The Fitting Room. Today's chapter's were talking about peace. It's a teensie-tiny word that seems so hard for most of us to grasp. It sometimes seems the harder I chase after it the more elusive it becomes. If I just make "X" amount of money, I will have peace, as soon as I get married, I will have peace, if I lose weight, if I buy a new car, take a vacation....

I have also had my daughter, 7 year-old grandson, and granddog staying with me the last month. That creates a distinct lack of quiet, but that doesn't mean it has to affect my peace. I think my human view of peace is rather like translucent bubble around me. We all know from blowing bubbles how easily they pop. One of my favorite quotes from the book comes on page 113, "The "world" gives peace in the only way that it can give, which is always prone to punctures."

The puncture-proof kind of peace only comes from Christ. For years I never understood that. I have mentioned to several of my closest friends, (which now includes all three of you who read this blog,) that I have felt more at peace with my life in the last 6 months that I have felt in years. My financial status hasn't changed, same car, same leaky roof, still not married, but what has changed is my attitude.

What Pastor was trying to tell us this morning is that we can have that joy that comes from being able to do whatever we want to do. The peace and joy come about by being obedient to God's word and staying close to the heart of God. Psalm 85:10 says, "Righteousness and peace kiss each other." You can't have peace without righteousness and you can't have righteousness without peace. Kelly says it well:
"I wasn't looking over my shoulder, harboring any secret sins that were burdening me with guilt. I wasn't obsessively tormented by worry or dominated by fear.I wasn't in the middle of trying to work my way out of  some tangled and sticky mess I had gotten myself into again. Surely I will have more time when things out of my control will challenge my peace, but insofar as it lies within God and me, I have peace, and for this I am grateful,"

Now I have the joy of doing "whatever I want," but what I want is no longer just to stay within the bounds of "permissible" and okay, but to keep striving for the holier ground. That is where the true peace is found....

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  1. Oh, peace. That's one I struggle with. . .big time!

    But what I've battled through the years is trying to find a place, home, destination, job- whatever that equals peace. I'm finally starting to see that's not the way it works. Sigh, it's a hard lesson!

  2. Peace seems a lot like joy to me. It has to come in the middle of whatever because, like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, I'll just keep chasing it and never quite reach it otherwise. I know this. I can talk about it and write about it. But living it is a huge challenge.

  3. I agree with Kim: living peace is a huge challenge. But sometimes when I least expect it, a "peace surpasses all understanding" washes over me, and I rejoice and am grateful.

  4. I've been thinking and writing about peace, too.

    Your words reminded me: when I was a girl, I would hear the old Baptist preachers talk about "freedom in Christ," & and I thought that was the craziest thing I ever heard tell. I thought: freedom? With all those rules?

    But they were spot on, and so are you. The closer we walk, the easier it becomes to breathe.

  5. I remember when I had thyroid problem and no matter how hard I prayed I felt depressed. I kept repeating Philippians 4 and that's what helped me, claiming that God's peace would garrison my heart and mind. Patsy from

  6. I love that quote that the world's peace is prone to punctures!

  7. Love your writing and how you had such great photos to inspiring words. I find the more I am grateful and nurture gratitude in my life, the more peace and joy I also find. Good thoughts!

  8. It seems like there are so many things we "pursue" that God promised to us…but it seems like His peace is so much different than what the world offers. You're right…it's somehow that peace amidst everything. I am learning this too.

  9. Yes, I have noticed when God does that and I love it.