Saturday, June 18, 2011

Be The Spark

My Facebook friends and family may have noticed a change in me over the last several months. I post a lot...... about poverty........

 about kids needing sponsors........

 about clean water.....

 about recycling soap........

 about mosquitos........

about how one person can change the world for one child........

 I share YouTube videos trying to be the spark that ignites the fire that's been lit in me. I lived in willful ignorance too long. Sure I knew there were kids going hungry, kids dying because they lacked food, water, basic medical care. But the problems was too big. What could I do to help? After all, I am a one income household, I struggle as it is.

 Then I began to open my eyes, I am rich compared to most of the world's population. I have my daily bread and so much more. Since I have been sponsoring with Compassion, my life has changed, my problems don't seem nearly so big anymore. I have been blessed ten thousandfold by my sponsored kids.

Bikant, age 6, from

Gracia, age 8, from Togo

Mawusse, age 7, from Togo

 So you see, I am really trying to share this blessing with my friends. If each one of us would sponsor a child, we could end poverty in our generation. Rise to the challenge, be a spark that ignites the fire of change.

Over one million children have been sponsored, and it all started with one man, who believed that God is bigger than poverty.

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  1. Yes, Compassion changes lives ~ as much for the children as the sponsors. I can attest to that!

    We are blessed in this country. No doubt about that!

    Thank you for being faithful in the promptings God is placing on your heart. You never know who you are going to affect by posting these!