Friday, April 29, 2011

Letting Go

This picture hangs on the wall above my dining room table. Originally it belonged to my grandmother. Her kids (there were five of them,) presumably chose it for her because it embodied the spirit with which they were raised, and the gift she and her children passed on to their own children (that would include me.)
It reads:

Let us guide our children with wisdom,
Let us listen to their problems and help them find solutions,
Let us give them unconditional love, no matter what, and when they are grown,
Let us find the courage to let them go.     ~D. Morgan

Courage to let go is hard. Today my youngest made a choice to join the Army Reserve. My courage to let go comes from knowing that as much as I love him, there is Someone who loves him even more than that. More than I can even comprehend. So, much as my momma heart quakes at the thought of him going into danger, it also is bursting with pride at the incredibly mature, well thought out plan that he has put into motion. My baby is growing up, it is time to fully trust in God to look after him and let him go.....

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