Friday, April 29, 2011

If I Knew I Could I Would

5 Minute
The Gypsy Mama provides the topic, we write for 5 minutes, first thing that pops in your mind, no editing. Go to The Gypsy Mama's blog for the full scoop!

If I knew I could, I would.....Speak more boldly to others about my faith. Sponsor another Compassion child, donate to their Child Survival Program, run a Stop The Bite awareness campaign. If I knew I could I would have a Compassion Sunday at our church. I would tell all my friends about the wonderful work they do and encourage them to help in whatever way they are able. All of this I should know I can do, so I guess the biggest obstacle is ME! How do I get out of my own way? Go click on the Compassion link on the side bar, pretty please, you will change a life!

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  1. Lisa,
    Sounds to me like you've taken a huge step towards speaking more boldly right here! I love your heart for the 'least of these'. I spent several weeks in Africa in 2003. I was blown away by how close I felt to people half way around the world. It was as if Jesus in me saw Jesus in them. Instant family. What I wouldn't give to live there some day. Thank you for taking the time to remind us all that we have so much more than we need, and to give it away. And thanks for taking me back to that sweet place.

    Keep on telling the story!