Sunday, November 21, 2010

Welcome To The Pink Kitchen.

A little background here on the pink kitchen. The cabinets really are pink. I didn't mean for them to be pink, but a funny thing happened during the remodel. I was in the midst of dental hygiene school and driving about 200 miles a day back and forth to school. The project was left in the capable hands of contractor friend, (actually he was a boyfriend at the time, but that's another story.) Said friend called on the day the cabinets arrived to inform me that they were pink. Now, what I had intended was a nice whitewash effect. What I had not factored into the equation was the fact that I had chosen maple cabinets. Anyone out there who knows anything about wood is now rolling their eyes and thinking "oh boy, what a ditz." For those of you, who like me, are unaware of the character of maple, I quote from the inside of the cabinet door in my pink kitchen, "Hard maple is a strong, close grained wood that is predominately off-white in color, although it also contains light hues of yellow-brown and PINK (okay, the capitalization is mine.)" Now they tell me! Obviously with my gutted kitchen full of custom pink cabinets, there wasn't a thing to do about it. Fortunately, I do love pink, but I wonder if it will create a problem if I ever try to sell my little cottage to some retired farmer.......

This is where the mayhem happens!

This is where I should spend more time doing dishes.....I don't like the cleanup :(

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