Sunday, November 21, 2010

Re-Post Happy Birthday Here

Happy Birthday!!!

I know, It isn’t MY birthday yet, but today IS the birthday of my blog: LIFE FROM HERE

HERE is an interesting word, an interesting place. HERE I will reflect on how I got HERE, living in the HERE and now, and where do I go from HERE. As you will see, this really is a blog for me and about me. A random journey of my life and mind as I reflect on the steps that led me HERE and those I have yet to take. How I got HERE, well that’s an interesting story with so many twists and turns that if it didn’t really happen to me, it could almost be a novel rather than the little cautionary tale that it is.

You might well ask what started this spate of introspection. My upcoming birthday for one, the fact that my baby graduates in a couple of years for another….. where do I go from HERE? I want to live Happily Ever After of course! Many of you may know one of my pet peeves is the “Welcome to Wauneta” sign. For those of you that aren’t familiar with it, it reads, “Welcome to Wauneta……..half way between here and there.” It’s like one of those Zen koans… there is no there, there. What does that mean?  Does it mean that HERE is no place you want to stay? That THERE is someplace better than HERE?  I think too often we make the mistake of believing that happily ever after is a place, a destination, an end point. But it’s not. If as they say, life is a journey, then the best you can hope for are little pit stops of happiness along the way. Happily Ever After is HERE, the HERE and now, it’s all we’ve got.
In fact, it’s only in the last 5 years, that I’ve been acquiring a new perspective on life. Sometimes it’s fun, other times puzzling and many times it’s hard.  I’d like to think I’m a littler bit wiser, rather than worse for the wear and tear on my soul. By and large I am. The mistakes are fewer, the pleasures simpler, and the “down time” a whole lot less than it used to be.
At the end of the day – I have realized that many of the steps forward you take on the journey, you take by yourself. Sometimes you get a little help along the way, that’s why God invented your mother, sisters, daughters and girlfriends. (Sometimes I think God should have quit while he was ahead). And then of course there are those other steps, too…you know, the ones that have you going round in circles or just plain backward. Unfortunately, those steps are yours alone…every single one of them.
 The good news is, as a woman, you can always stop and ask for directions. That’s not an easy thing to do especially when you’re trying to show that you’re calm, confident and in control. How can you ask for help when you’re trying to live up to a role that you think everyone expects you to fulfill….that of Wonderful Woman?
If today is the first day of the rest of our lives, let’s make it a good one! I challenge everyone to really be HERE in their lives, not living in the past, not waiting for a better time in the future, but being HERE today, and making the most of it. One step on my own personal journey is going to be training for a half marathon. I will lace up my shoes and take the first step, HERE, today.
The journey to HERE has sometimes been a lot of fun, — but most of the time it’s a lot of work and sometimes it’s a little lonely. Come join me HERE. Stay tuned for more pit stops of happiness along the way.

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