Friday, February 11, 2011

That's ALL Folks

With ALL the bitterly cold weather HERE the last couple of weeks, I have been doing a lot of contemplating and reading. Now that the melt is underway, I wanted to share some thoughts with you;

The book One Thousand Gifts has really been transformational. The author Ann Voskamp signs her letters All's Grace, Ann. I have been thinking about that phrase, if ALL is GRACE and GRACE is a GIFT, then ALL is a GIFT. GRACE is ALL I need. It's ALL sufficient. It is for ALL
If ALL is GRACE, and ALL is a GIFT, then ALL is not mine because of my intellect. The pressure is off to be the brightest, to have the answers. 

If ALL is a gift, then it is not mine because I earned it. The pressure is off to work the hardest.

If ALL is a gift, then it is not mine because I am good. The pressure is off .

All's Grace.
He gave ALL, to ALL
How humbling, breathtaking, and purpose giving.

"To be like the Giver, to be inhabited by the Giver, is to be giving. To give as He gives: To give all. To all.
I will bless you, God promised Abraham, and you will be a blessing to all. So John wrote that we know what love is because Christ laid down His life for us. We’re to go and give likewise, he says. Our very lives, he says. And to give this kind of love because it’s the kind we were given first…and are still receiving daily in a thousand ways."

All's Grace

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